I just placed an order, where are my templates?
After you place an order, you will get a screen with download buttons. Don't worry if you missed that screen, you can download your links from the "My Account" section on the order summary page.
Where are the fonts for my template?
Font files are not included with the templates, however links to the fonts are provided in the template documentation. You can download the documentation from the "My Account" section.
Can I change the date on templates?
Yes, all dates are editable, with the exception of calendars.
What is a press printed card?
A press printed card is printed on a cardstock-like paper, not photo paper. Press printed cards can be printed on both sides of the paper. There are several papers to choose from including standard, pearl, watercolor. Each lab may have different paper selections.
Where can I print press printed cards?
There are many professional photography labs that print press printed products. I use www.WHCC.com. If you are not a professional photographer, mpix also prints press printed cards.
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